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Nick Littlehales, a leading elite sport sleep coach, has over 30 years industry experience and over 16 years dedicated to elite sport. In 2005 he developed the now unique R90 Sleep Recovery Program, designed specifically to unlock higher more sustainable levels of mental & physical recovery and Personal Best performance.



90 minute cycle Recovery techniques - Redifining sleep in sport


The program contains three coaching tools, each of which providing a unique opportunity to redefine how any individual, team or group approaches sleep[ing]. They are also designed to combine as part of a club or organisational program.

Sleep Profiler

Sleep Profile Consult

Elite Recovery Consult

Team Workshop

"Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate both mentally & physically is our natural every day recovery tool, but even today it’s still taken for granted by athletes and the general public. Our ability to sleep and unlock the full recovery benefits is dominated by the circadian rhythm, cycles, stages, patterns, rhythms, light & dark, temperature and timings. In order to achieve more consistent levels of naturally induced sleep quality, in today’s frantic time poor world, requires a far more balanced routine (hygiene) approach between occupational demands, lifestyle activities, the circadian clock, your personal sleep characteristics and the products you actually sleep on and with” – Nick

Key Sleep[ing] Recovery Indicators (KSRI’s)

Sleep wake routines and the associated habits we adopt are developed and determined by so many internal and external factors. The main ones being occupation and chosen lifestyle.


KSRI’s are the main factors that determine how well we recover from any sleep period.


One routine that will never change however, are the Circadian Rhythms [CR] to every day, which activate our brain to trigger natural human functions at certain times in every twenty four hours.


Part of that process is preparing us to enter a natural sleep state.


The R90 sleep recovery program is specifically focussed on these SEVEN KSRI’s to achieve a practical resync, adopting proven and achievable routine (Hygiene) changes.

Stop taking sleep for granted, redefine it for a more sustainable overall performance



As used by elite athletes, teams and organisations in world sport, in any sport.






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Any athlete that strives to train hard, achieve & attain the performances they desire, I can only highly recommend Nick's invaluable experience, services and products.”

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