R90 mattress and Toppa Installation Guidelines

Mattresses & Toppas are roll packed and boxed to ensure our climate footprint is as low as we can make it. This process also ensures our customers can store the product easily prior to installation and install into the room of choice easier than any standard full size heavily upholstered products.


This is only achievable because of the technology we have available and the high level materials used to manufacture our products.


Once unboxed and carefully unwrapped they will assume its specified dimensions and shape in approximately 1-2 hours. At this point it cannot be re-rolled packed.


The nature of the materials and packing process can trap manufacturing odours which maybe be noticeable at this point. So we advise that this process is completed in an adequately aired room/environment, whether an odour is identified or not, as it also helps the product to reshape.


Irrespective of what time of day this process is completed, we advise that the following day the bedding is removed completely to allow the R90 mattresses to breathe and adapt to your normal room temperature.


The R90 mattress core is designed with one sleeping surface (which is visible through the outer cover) a coolBlue foam layer with square castellated cut surface. There is no need to turn the mattress over (like a traditional mattress) but we advise it is rotated once a month or when required.


Rotating the R90 mattress simply moves the hip and shoulder areas up and down the mattress, prolonging its life and more importantly maintaining the performance.


Making the most of your R90 mattress


We advise you encapsulate the R90 mattress with a hypo-allergenic, machine washable mattress protector. These products absorb natural body perspiration during sleep (1 litre on average), trap dead skin scales and prevent any soiling entering the mattress cover and core.


A mattress protector is an important product ensuring you keep a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment, whilst protecting your investment and sleeping quality.


The R90 mattress uses materials that are technically advanced from traditional fillings and specifically designed for elite athletes to sleep on and with. They unlock much higher levels of postural sensitivity and body comfort, combined with easy care, hypo-allergenic features, designed specifically for a 21st century sleeper. Elite Athlete by Design.


It can therefore be important to consider changing your pillows and duvet to suit the new R90 mattress and unlock its full potential.


Expert Sport Sleep Coach Advice:


Athletes should ideally have one shallow microfibre (man-made) pillow to sleep with, simply comforting the head and not raising it up, misaligning the neck vertebrae and in turn spine. LOWER TOG: Consider an all season microfibre combination duvet (9.0/4.5 Tog ratings). Overheating is one the most common sleep quality disrupter’s, a common problem with elite athletes.


Remove your bedding during the day, as often as you can, to allow the sports bedding and R90 mattress to breathe and air. Use fresh bed linen more often, a key trigger for a better night’s sleep and an improved athletic performance.


“A sleep best practice approach”




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