"Maximising the full recovery benefits mentally and physically during the nocturnal sleep period requires a balanced harmony between your personal lifestyle activities, routines and the natural cycles of the circadian clock. Sleeping to rehabilitate and rejuvenate is the natural recovery tool, dominated by patterns, rhythms, routines, cycles, stages and timings."

Nick Littlehales


Product Description

The R90 Sleep Profile Consult is a Sleep Recovery Program designed by Nick Littlehales a leading elite sports sleep coach. [1998-2015]


Proven practical & achievable techniques, used and trusted by elite athletes, teams and organisations in world sport. Any sport. If you sleep well, poorly, inconsistently, or not all, the R90 Sleep Recovery Programs will identify practical & achievable ways to ensure you achieve Personal Best performances more often, if not every time.


Stop taking sleep for granted! Don’t waste valuable time trying to sleep! Step 1 can be completed in just 20 minutes on most devices.


Add to cart £95 – Download SPQ 1.1 – Kick start a new approach


“Simple practical achievable steps aggregate into a greater overall change” Nick


Add to cart – Make a payment – Download SPQ 1.1 – Kick start a redefined sleep approach

A detailed assessment of your key sleep recovery indicators [KSRI’s] Current routines in and out of your sport or occupation, sleep characteristics [Chronotype], physical profile, sleeping environment and the products you sleep on and with.


Via download it can take just 20 minutes to complete & submit or ideally view the questions and then over a normal 7 day period complete/record actual experiences.

Step 1


Sleep Profile Questionnaire – SPQ 1.1

On receipt of your SPQ 1.1 Nick our coach will personally assess all of the information provided, identify any techniques that will improve your current approach.


You will then receive a personalised Sleep Recovery Program. A detailed document including what techniques we advise you adopt, all of the very latest techniques, practical interventions and best practice guidelines.


Our aim is complete this step within 7 working days upon receipt of your SPQ 1.1


Add to cart £95 – Download SPQ 1.1 – Kick start a new approach



Step 2


Sleep Recovery Program – SRP

Anything you want to know get in touch info@sportsleepcoach.co.uk

Helen Wyman 2x European & 9x British Cyclo-cross champion


“Nick has revolutionised my recovery process through practical and tailored professional advice.”


Tommy Craddock Professional Footballer


“My approach to sleeping has literally been transformed after finding sportsleepcoach.com and speaking with Nick. I have never slept or felt physically better since getting my new R90 mattress, at home sleepkit and new sleep routine”






SleepRecovery USA - Nick's unique R90 SleepTechnique now fully integrated into ShiftPerformanceGlobal.com SHIFTR90 - Elite Sport - Corporate Well Being Get ready USA



"Any athlete that strives to train hard, achieve & attain the performances they desire, I can only highly recommend Nick's invaluable experience, services and products.

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