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The R90 Elite Recovery Consult is a Sleep Recovery Program designed by Nick Littlehales a leading elite sports sleep coach. [1998-2015]


Proven practical & achievable techniques, used and trusted by elite athletes, teams and organisations in world sport. Any sport. If you sleep well, poorly, inconsistently, or not all, the R90 Sleep Recovery Programs will identify practical & achievable ways to ensure you achieve Personal Best performances more often, if not every time.


A personal one to one consultation with Nick will uncover the Key Sleep Recovery Indicators [KSRI’s] using profiling techniques focused on the aggregation of marginal gains principle. Over a 30 day period Nick becomes your personal recovery coach, redefining current routines and adopting proven practical interventions.

Add to cart £395 – Download SPQ 1.1 – Unlock your true potential

A detailed assessment of your key sleep recovery indicators [KSRI’s] Current routines in and out of your sport or occupation, sleep characteristics [Chronotype], physical profile, sleeping environment and the products you sleep on and with.


Via a download: Study the profile questions, involve any regular sleeping partners and then over a normal/average 7/10 day period complete/record actual sleep, sleeping and recovery experiences.


*Using pictures & video to provide a visual record of current sleeping environments and current products being used to sleep on and with at home and away

Step 1


Sleep Profile Questionnaire – SPQ 1.1

On receipt of your SPQ 1.1 Nick our coach will personally assess all of the information provided, identify any techniques that will improve your current approach.


We will then contact you to arrange an unrestricted one to one consultation [Phone-Skype] in order for Nick to investigate your profile in more detail.


A new sleep recovery program will be created, structured within a detailed document and a time frame to implement.



Step 2


Sleep Recovery Program – SRP

Personal 30 day sleep coaching


Once you have received the new R90 recovery program, you have full access, to let Nick know how you are getting on, get further advice and fine tune the program.


At which point you will have raised your sleep knowledge and awareness, redefined your approach, feel in control, stopped taking sleep for granted, experiencing higher more consistent levels of mental & physical recovery and overall performance.


Add to cart £395 – Download SPQ 1.1 – Unlock your true potential




Step 3


Personal 30 day sleep coaching

Anything you want to know get in touch

“I have completed a sleep Profile Consult, been educated in proven sleeping recovery techniques and realised that my mattress, bed set up was incorrectly mattress


Thanks to Nick and his unrivalled professionalism and support, I have permanently changed the way I approach sleeping & as a result my recovery.


The biggest change to my training protocol this year is to ensure I am fully rested & recovered from hard sessions, ultimately preventing missed sessions & minor injuries/illness which occurs as a result of inadequate rest. I now fully appreciate the benefits of sleep, how it aids recovery & how to be more professional in my sleeping habits.”

Matt Burton elite athlete




SleepRecovery USA - Nick's unique R90 SleepTechnique now fully integrated into SHIFTR90 - Elite Sport - Corporate Well Being Get ready USA



"Any athlete that strives to train hard, achieve & attain the performances they desire, I can only highly recommend Nick's invaluable experience, services and products.

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