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Athlete by design ticking all the key sleep & sleeping factors, including the full skeletal postural support, sleeping weight pressure sensitivity, body temperature control and high levels of physical comfort.



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UK Sizes £192-£312.00

EU Sizes £204-£312.00

PostureMAX 80 Topper



UK standard sizes


Single 90 x 20 x 191cm

Double 137 x 20 x 191cm

King 152 x 20 x 200cm

Superking 180 x 20 x 200cm


EU – Standard International sizes


Single 90 x 20 x 200cm

Double 140 x 20 x 200cm

King 160 x 20 x 200cm

Superking 180 x 20 x 200cm

Product Description


Products are designed by the leading elite sports sleep coach to achieve the highest levels of

recovery, using the latest sport science, technology and materials.








Designed to comfortably mould around body contours , evenly distributing weight and minimising pressure on sensitive limbs, muscles and joints. Completely versatile extra layer can be added to a new or old mattress instantly improving sleeping surface comfort & support. Can be easily removed and stored when circumstances change or used directly on the floor as an extra sleeping surface.


The design ticks all the key sleep & sleeping factors, including the full skeletal postural support, sleeping weight pressure sensitivity, body temperature control and high levels of physical comfort.


Design build: Finished depth 8 cm

The very latest COOL BLUE 70 viscoelastic foam + postureMax channel cut sleeping surface, encapsulated in a non-quilted, soft touch, coolMAX, fully removable and washable outer cover.

*All international sizes are available and fully bespoke sizes and shapes simply contact us for a quote and advice.

Pro viscoelastic (PVE) foam. This creates air flow & breathability which combined, can maximise temperature regulation and create a sleep fresh environment. Designed to support the weight of the person and adapt to natural sleeping movement. Controlling or regulating body temperature during sleep to give the full benefits of Mental & Physical Recovery.

When your mattress matches your physical profile, it will support your body where it needs it most promoting the correct sleeping position and natural un-aggravated movement during sleep.

Distribution of weight on pro- viscoelastic (PVE) foam, creating the right sleeping posture. Pressure sensitivity is a term used to describe how certain parts of the body are under more pressure than others, around the lower back, shoulders and head.

Materials used that provide a hypo-allergenic barrier, limiting the build up of allergens. A key factor in sleep quality, promoting an easy breathe environment around the sleeping products used. Whether you suffer or not.

Materials with an inherent treatment preventing the build-up of bacteria.

The outer cover fully removable & machine washable – Sleep fresh environment

Internationally we design & source the best materials & technologies, but manufacture with UK supply partners, as part of our social responsibility.

Our aim is to source and use sustainable resources, materials and procedures in everything we do best we can. Not always possible of course but we remain passionate and active about our environmental footprint.

Service policy: “we are not happy until you are”

We don’t need to offer 30, 60, 90 or a 100 nights trials, because we provide a unique service that ensures we get it right first time. If our customers experience any issues or have concerns at any stage during a products lifetime, they simply get in touch and we sort it out or at least make it better.


2008 to 2016 No complaints.

R90 mattresses come with a 5 year warranty and a 10 YEAR best before date.

All orders over £75 will be shipped free of charge, within the UK mainland, via our supply partners and by parcel carrier or reputable courier services. (Excludes Sunday and Bank Holidays.) Our lead time is normally 7/14 days or quicker if we can. We notify you by email prior to dispatch with your unique parcel tracking reference number.


If you prefer or want a weekend or specific day or date of delivery, then add this to your details and we can get back to you. Normal surcharges £20-£60.

Worldwide shipping: For all international enquires get in touch so we can establish the best quote and price.


We also provide a personal delivery & product installation service, just get in touch for details.


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